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The PI oversees long-term projects by PhD students and postdoctoral fellows with the goal of mentoring scientific independence. Rotating graduate students, medical students, and resident physicians are encouraged to collaborate in advancing specific components of these existing projects. Our present efforts focus primarily on HPV+ head and neck cancer and span these topics:

Defining host and viral mechanisms regulating the diverse metabolic phenotypes present among different HPV+ cancers. 

Characterizing the metabolic plasticity exploited by HPV+ cancers to drive progression and evade standard therapies.

Determining the implications of intrinsic differences in metabolic phenotype among HPV+ cancers for  therapeutic outcome.

Developing prognostic and therapeutic biomarkers for HPV+ cancer based upon differences in metabolic profile.

Please reach the PI for more information via the "contact" tab for discussion of specific projects and general training philosophy in the lab.

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