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Core Members

Malay Sannigrahi, Ph.D.  Dr. Sannigrahi joined the lab in December 2018 after finishing his PhD training in cancer biology and virology. His graduate study focused on the role of noncoding RNAs in regulating HPV16-induced oncogenesis in head and neck cancer. Since joining the lab, he has focused on the interplay between diversity in viral oncogene expression, tumor metabolic profile, and therapy resistance in HPV+ cancer. 

Lovely Raghav, Ph.D.  Dr. Raghav joined the lab in 2022 after completing her graduate degree in Bioinformatics in Taiwan. She has significant prior experience in high throughput genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data analysis.  Her current project focuses on defining intratumor diversity malignant cell states in HPV+ cancers and identifying the tumor cell states that contribute to resistance of a subset of tumors to therapy. She is also evaluating  molecular features that distinguish HPV-related head and neck cancers at high vs. low risk of lethal recurrence after robotic surgery.

Part Time

Theodore Gobillot, M.D, Ph.D.  Dr. Gobillot became affiliated with the lab in 2022 after completing his graduate training at the University of Washington and starting Otolaryngology residency training at Penn. He is involved in the projects in the lab relating to clinical and molecular risk stratification for HPV+ head and neck cancer.

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